De Vagabond, has recently sponsored a Blood Donation Camp to support Cancer patients.

De Vagabond, the everyday traveling bags & unisex clothing company, has recently sponsored a Blood Donation Camp to support blood banks for Cancer patients.

The donation camp was conducted under the revised national guidelines for the blood donor with 28 days deferral period after COVID 19 vaccination.

The Blood Donation Camp was organized by the Ambernath citizen’s forum along with Tata memorial Hospital Mumbai for Cancer patients accompanied by citizens, several government officials from Ambernath Municipal Corporation, and Ambernath Police. A large number of volunteers donated their blood along with the De Vagabond team and municipal corporation team for the noble cause. Later the refreshments as fruits and juice were provided to the donors. The blood donating camp spread awareness among the people about their social responsibilities. All necessary medical check-ups, regulating blood pressure level, weight measurement, and hemoglobin count have been done before donation by following all necessary Covid 19 health guidelines. De Vagabond has been extremely active in organizing several such CSR activities in the past too. On Diwali, they helped 75 underprivileged kids at a Children’s home in Ulhasnagar by gifting them De Vagabond bags filled with chocolate, biscuits, and natural firecrackers to make their Diwali more special Diwali.

Showing his gratitude to all the front-coming volunteer donors on the occasion, Mr. Neeraj Kumar, director, De Vagabond, said,” I heartily appreciate all the donors, medical team, and crew of De Vagabond, and especially the organizers, who took the initiative to conduct the blood donation camp for social welfare. In India, the shortage of blood has always been a problem, and together we can overcome this. Being a sponsor of such a campaign is itself a huge honor. We are always committed to the welfare of the society and nation at large and looking forward to more such big events like this.”

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